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My Medicare | | MyMedicare Gov | About MyMedicare | www MyMedicare | MyMedicare Gov | cms hhs gov is‘s free and secure online service for accessing people’s Medicare information. If you are a registered member of MyMedicare Gov you will have access to personalized data about your Medicare Benefits and services. redirects to which is the official site for the U.S Medicaid program.

Once signed in your can view plan enrollment and quality information for your prescription drug, Medicare Advantage and other Medicare-related insurance plans.

You can compare health and drug plans based on a number of criteria such as quality measures and estimated costs.

MyMedicare Gov Benefits:

  • You can check your Medicare Claims as soon as they are processed by Medicare staff.
  • You can also check on Medicare-related information that might be very important and specific to you.
  • Find out if you are eligble for certain benefits
  • Check on your Part B deductible information – your health prescription drug enrollment
  • You can manage your prescription drug list and personal information
  • By using the “On The Go Report” you can print your health information to share with healthcare providers. is part of the US Government’s web site. is optional, free, and secure site designed to help you check the status of your eligibility, enrollment, and other Medicare Gov benefits. It also allows you to access your claims information almost immediately after it is processed by Medicare and provides you with preventive health information 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

TIP: When you get Medicare covered medical care services, write down the dates and save the receipts/statements you get from care providers so you can check for mistakes. Then you compare this data with the claims that are processed by Medicare to make sure you or Medicare were not billed for services or items you did not recieve. Did you know you can check your Original Medicare claims as soon  as they have been processed? The sooner you see and report errors, the sooner we can stop Medicare fraud which is costing us millions. provides many online video demonstrations for your assistance on a number of topics relating to the many functions and features of the web site.


My Medicare | | My Medicare.Gov | About MyMedicare | www MyMedicare | MyMedicare Gov | cms hhs gov medicare

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