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When Do I Apply for Medicare Part A, B or Both?

When do I apply for Medicare Part A or Part B or Both?

Sign up periods for Part A and Part B

The first time you get Medicare is when you become eligible for Medicare. At this point you have a 7 month IEP (Initial Enrollment Period) that you can sign up Medicare Part A as well as Part B.

As an example, if you turn 65 and you are eligible for Medicare, then you are permitted to sign up anytime during this 7-month enrolment period:

  • Starts 3 months prior to the month you turned 65
  • the same month you turn 65
  • Then ends 3 months after the same month you turned 65

Take note of the fact (If you are eligible) free sign up is available for Part A at any time during and or after your IEP (Initial Enrollment Period) has started. Coverage start dates depend on the time you signed up. Sign up is only available during valid enrollment periods if you will have to buy Medicare Part A, Part B, or both.

Remember you will have to pay late fees in most cases when not signing up for Medicare Part B at the time you first become eligible. You may end up with a gap in your medical coverage and will have to continue paying this penalty for as long as you still have Medicare Part B.

You can find out when your eligible for Medicare each year between Jan 1 through March 31.

Signing up for Part A, Part B, or both during this General Enrollment Period if both apply to you:

  • When you were first eligible, do did not sign up
  • You’re not eligible for any Special Enrollment periods.