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Does Urgent Care Accept Medigap Insurance?

Medigap is private health insurance designed to fill in the holes of Medicare coverage. For example, a Medigap policy helps pay out of pocket expenses such as copayments and deductibles. But when it comes to urgent care treatment, Medigap coverage, also called Medicare Supplemental Insurance, will come into play depending on where you seek treatment.

The Benefits of an Urgent Care Treatment Facility

Urgent care facilities are a common resource for those seeking medical care during off hours. They are convenient and useful for health concerns that aren’t critical, but still require doctor’s care.

How Urgent Care Facilities Treat Medigap Insurance

Many Americans seek non-emergency health care from urgent care facilities. But whether they accept your Medigap plan depends on the facility. Since private insurance companies issue Medigap policies, they must accept your Medigap plan.   

If a facility doesn’t accept Medigap, you may not have to absorb the cost for treatment. Your expenses from an urgent care facility may be reimbursable by your Medigap provider. In such cases, you will pay the cost of treatment out of pocket and seek reimbursement from your insurance provider.

Reimbursement for Treatment

When a facility doesn’t accept your Medigap plan, you are responsible for filing the claim for reimbursement. To do so, you must contact your Medigap plan provider to ask what steps you must take for reimbursement. You may need to complete a form and submit documentation. In some cases, the Medigap provider will accept reimbursement forms only from the urgent care provider.

Doctors Who Don’t Take Medigap Insurance Coverage

You may see a doctor at an urgent care facility that doesn’t accept any type of Medicare. In such cases, the doctor is permitted to charge you a fee higher than the fee Medicare pays. However, the physician is allowed only to charge up to a certain percentage more than if Medicare would pay them.

Check With Your Facility Before Seeking Treatment

If possible, check with the urgent care facility you plan to use to make sure they accept your Medigap plan. A little due diligence will help minimize your out of pocket costs.

To learn more about Medigap and urgent care treatment, contact the professionals at 1-844-236-0228. Our licensed insurance experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.