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Medicare Supplement Plan L – Medigap Plan L Rates for 2020

Medicare Supplement Plan L is used with your Original Medicare and commonly called Medigap.

Medigap health insurance coverage is used to help fill gaps in coverage left for the insured to pay once Medicare has paid their portion of the bill.

Plan L will only pay a portion of the cost remaining once Medicare pays their portion of the bill.

Plan L doesn’t cover all medical costs leaving a portion of out of pocket expenses for the insured to pay.

Educate yourself about the different plan options before choosing a Plan.


Medicare Supplement Plan L Benefits

Plan L is a shared cost coverage.

Plan L will cover 75% of remaining balance for your expenses, co-payments, and coinsurance.

This type of plan might be budget friendly for those who only need help for specific costs and want lower premiums.

Keep in mind this type of supplemental insurance will not work if you have an advantage plan.

Talk to an experienced health insurance agent to find out if you can cancel Part C then switch back to your Original Medicare.

Plan L won’t cover your overseas Medicare insurance coverage.

Plan L won’t cover any excess charges unless your state enforces MOM (Medicare Overcharge Measure).


Medicare Supplement Plan L Verses Plan K

Plan K will cover 50% of benefits and Plan L covers only 75% of benefits listed below.

  • Co-payments and coinsurance for Medicare Part B
  • First 3 pints of blood when you need surgery
  • Co-payments and coinsurance for Part A hospice care
  • Coinsurance use when you need skilled nursing facility care
  • Deductible for Medicare Part A


Plan L Out of Pocket Maximum

Out of pocket maximum for Medicare Supplement Plan L in 2017 is $2,560.

After your OOP (Out Of Pocket) limit has been met and yearly deductibles, then you receive 100% coverage for your Medicare approved services remainder of that calendar year. Use the chart below to compare Medigap Plan L to the other options available.


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