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United American Medicare Supplement Plans for 2021

United American Medicare has offered Medigap policies since the early 1960’s after Medicare had first been signed into law and currently has an A+ rating from A.M. Best for financial strength.

United America was founded in 1947 insuring millions of beneficiaries offering Medigap plans in almost all the states being very competitive with their High Deductible F Plans.

Features – United American Medicare Supplements

Medicare supplements have been standardized by the federal government to assure each plan will contain the same standard features so United American medicare supplements offer all the same fantastic features for in their plans.

  • 30 day, Free Look Period, so you can cancel for any reason during the first 30 days with a full refund.
  • Freedom of Choice, you can see any healthcare providers provided they accept Medicare.
  • Take your coverage with you, policies will work anywhere in the US.
  • Policy is guaranteed renewable, will not be canceled for health conditions.

Plan F – United American Medicare Supplement

Plan F is considered one of the more complete Medigap plans on the market covering almost every gap found in Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B plans. With Plan F your out of pocket expenses are covered for any hospital and outpatient medical services. So, there are no deductibles or coinsurance that needs to be met while in the hospital to have surgery. Your doctor’s visits, ambulance rides, labwork, chemotherapy, and more are also covered. Foreign travel emergency coverage for Plan F can be up to 50,000.

Plan F; commonly called first dollar coverage. This means the Plan F supplement pays for your share of the Medicare costs from the very first dollar. So there is no copay for doctor visits using your Medicare-covered services. This also covers hospital stays, durable medical equipment, surgeries, x-rays, lab work, and other items.

High-Deductible Plan F – United American Medicare Supplement

The high deductible version for Plan F great pricing is offered in many states by United American. This plan is the same as the regular Plan F except for meeting a deductible. While Medicare pays its share of medical claims and sends the balance to United American who processes the claim; you will pay out of pocket until the annual deductible has been met. Once the deductible has been satisfied the HDF will work the same as any other Medicare Plan F covering 100% of all the gaps found in your Medicare for the remainder of the year.  The UN High Deductible Plan F for 2017 was $2,200.

Enrollment for United American Medicare Supplemental Insurance

If you are enrolled in Original Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B then you’re eligible to sign up for a Medicare Supplement Plan and if you do this quickly you can guarantee you will have the issuance of coverage.

There is an open enrollment period that you have 6 months after you have turned 65 to enroll in Medicare and insurance companies cannot deny you coverage or charge higher premiums for any existing medical conditions.

If you wait until after the OEP “Open Enrollment Period” insurance companies can then decide if they wish to accept or decline your application in most of the states. Make sure you use the Open Enrollment Period to your advantage by applying during this time.

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