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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplemental Insurance Plans

Mutual of Omaha has been found to be a reliable and stable insurance company which has been around since the 1909 and was one of the first companies that offered Medigap plans in 1965 after Medicare became a law. While based in Omaha, Nebraska, many states offer a Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plans.

As an older insurance company with many insurance lines and strong reserves its makes for a great choice. Many subsidiaries of Mutual of Omaha included United of Omaha, United world Life, and Omaha Insurance company makes for a family of companies that are a national leader for health and dental as well as life insurance and Medicare insurance. Available in many states are Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplements like popular Medigap plans like Plan F and Plan G.

Standardized common features found with Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans are included.

  • Household discounts up to 12% which varies depending on which state you’re in
  • No application fees
  • Nationwide coverage allowing you to see any provider that accepts Medicare in the U.S.
  • Guaranteed Renewable no matter what your health condition or medical usage
  • Rapid policy issue
  • Electronic delivery of temporary ID cards
  • Free look period for 30 days
  • Peace of mind when you use an A rated carrier from a major insurance company

Plan F – Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplements

As with all the carriers; Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement are standardized. Purchasing a Mutual of Omaha or a United of Omaha Supplement Medicare Plan F; you are guaranteed the same benefits found in any other Medicare Plan F covering both hospital and outpatient deductibles along with coinsurance for any Medicare-covered services.

When using Plan F with Mutual of Omaha Supplemental; then you may choose any doctor provided they participate in Medicare. Plan F will cover where Medicare-approved services does not.

Plan G

Plan G has lower premiums in exchange for you paying the Medicare Part B deductible. Once you paid the Part B deductible; Plan G will then pay the same as Plan F for the remainder of the calendar year. Make sure you compare the numbers.

Plan N

Plan N was created for beneficiaries who will pay for some of the copays in return for a lower monthly premium. Under Plan N cost sharing is Part B’s $138 and copays that can be up to $20 per doctor visit. In addition, co-pays of up to $50 per E.R. visit will be your responsibility as well as Part B excess charges. Some doctors will charge you a 15% fee that is above what Medicare will pay so you will want to ask your doctor in advance if there are any excess charges applied to your bill.

Plan N can be a better solution for some people who have limited budgets and still would like flexibility found with Medigap coverage.

EyeMed Vision Care

Policy holders for Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplemental insurance are also eligible for the free vision care plan with EyeMed Vision Care. When you show your Mutual of Omaha insurance card to any EyeMed Vision Care retail provider you can get eye exams for $50 and fixed price discounts for lenses as well as up to 40% discounts off your eyeglass frames. EyeMed Vision Care provides include retail stores like JCPenney Optical, Pearle Vision, Lens crafters to name a few. This something extra Mutual of Omaha provides to their policy holders.

Advantage Plans with Mutual of Omaha

Currently for 2018; Mutual of Omaha does not offer Medicare Advantage plans. For 2020 it has been announced Advantage plans through Mutual of Omaha will be offered in conjunction with Lumeris, Inc which is a company based in St. Louis and will then help to arrange the provider networks and help manage the advantage plans.

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