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Manhattan Life Medicare Supplement 2020

Manhattan Life Insurance Company headquarters in Houston Texas offers beneficiaries affordable prices for Medigap plans. This company offers stability and has been around for almost 170 years.

Manhattan Life; which is a part of “Manhattan Life Insurance Group.” This is the parent company for other companies; like “Family Life Insurance,” or “Western United Life Assurance” and one of the companies that offer excellent dental, hear plans and vision for seniors is “Central United Life Insurance. “

Manhattan Life Insurance Medicare Supplements

Manhattan Life insurance Medigap plans offered will vary depending on the state. In most states the Medicare Supplement plans offered are A, C, F, G, and N pending where you reside.

Manhattan Life Insurance is signified as a secure carrier with health financial reserves as rated by A.M Best Rating.

Many beneficiaries will enjoy a 7% household discount with their Manhattan Life Medicare supplemental insurance offered to any 2 people living together and are 60 years old or older.

Manhattan Life Insurance Medicare Supplement plans compared

When looking at the different lettered plans you can be confident they will contain the same benefits no matter who you buy from. These are all standardized by the federal government.

Right now, some of the popular supplement plans are:

Plan F – Manhattan Life

Plan F is known as the most comprehensive supplement plan which will cover 100% of the gaps found in Medicare. This will cover your copays and deductibles paid at the doctor’s office or hospital and for years has been a bestselling supplement insurance plan.

Plan G – Manhattan Life

Plan G is known as the second most comprehensive supplement plan which will cover everything covered in Plan F except for your Medicare Part B deductible. Depending on your state you can sometimes save money due to lower premiums being greater than the Part B deductible.

Plan N – Manhattan Life

Plan N is becoming more popular in recent years with Medicare beneficiaries who will pay more copays in order to have lower monthly premiums. Premiums will be lower than Plan G in exchange for paying more copays for doctors and E.R. visits in addition to paying for your Part B deductible and additional excess charges.

Not included in Medicare supplements are any Part D drug coverage and you should look at different cost comparisons for any of your current medications.

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