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Anthem Medicare Supplement Plans 2020

In Some States Anthem Medigap Plans Have Become Popular.

Popularity for Anthem Medicare supplement plans can be found in California, Ohio, Indiana, Colorado as well as a few other states. While Anthem BCBS is part of Blue Cross Blue Shield, sold separately are Anthem Medicare supplements. These companies have nationwide trust and a strong financial stability.

The plans at times are also called “Anthem Medigap Plans” which is the same thing.

About – Anthem Medicare Supplements

When comparing Medicare supplements, it is easy since they all contain the same benefit structure. The plans have been labeled A through N allowing beneficiaries to choose a plan that will fill the gaps found in Medicare which will be the most beneficial to their specific needs. You must be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B and live within the state the plan is offered to be eligible.

Medicare supplements have specific features for coverage. You may see any doctor who takes Medicare and your insurance coverage is guaranteed to be renewable. You also cannot be dropped from your insurance coverage for any health conditions. Plans are considered portable allowing you to be covered anywhere in the nation.

Plans for Anthem Medicare supplemental insurance can vary between states and below are some of the more popular plans:

Plan F – Anthem Medicare Supplement

Plan F covers all gaps in deductibles for Medicare, coinsurance and copays you normally would pay out of pocket. The industry calls this a first-dollar coverage which means you won’t have to get your wallets out for Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B services.

A high deductible version of Plan F is also offered. This is the exact same coverage only you will have a deductible prior to your Plan F coverage kicking in. Every year the deductibles will increase and in 2017 this was $2,200. Medicare pays its share of your claims and the balance is sent on to Anthem. Anthem processes the claims then sends the first $2,200 in bills each year to you. Anthem track what you spend in a calendar year, then once the deductible is paid; your Plan F kicks in to pay the Part A and Medicare Part B copays and coinsurance for the remainder of the year.

Plan G – Anthem Medicare Supplement

Anthem’s Plan G in recent years became more popular because Plan G has lower premiums in exchange for you paying the Medicare Part B deductible. Once you paid the Part B deductible; Plan G will then pay the same as Plan F for the remainder of the calendar year.

Plan N – Anthem Medicare Supplement

Plan N; which was introduced in the year 2010 and is a newer plan for Medicare supplements for the marketplace offering lower premiums in exchange for you paying for more of the cost-sharing. In addition to you paying your Part B deductible; you also pay for additional excess charges, copays for doctor office visits and emergency room visits. For customers who prefer to pay as they go to save on monthly premiums, Plan N is a great choice.

With Medicare supplements being standardized it is recommended that you compare the different carriers in your local area with Anthem to find the lowest cost and rates. When applying for Medigap during eh Medigap open re-enrollment window then you will be guaranteed acceptance for coverage and not have to answer any health question if this is done during the first six months of your effective date for Medicare Part B.

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