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Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans for 2020

If you would like an insurance company that will deliver stability, for over 160 years, Aetna has been around. Aetna’s, “which is based in Brentwood Tennessee;” first Medicare claim was paid back in 1966. Aetna Medicare supplement plans have much to offer depending on which plan you pick.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Insurance plans can help with the following:

  • Coverage for outpatient medical costs.
  • Pays for expensive deductibles.
  • Coverage for inpatient hospital stays.
  • Gives additional 365 days in the hospital when Medicare runs out.
  • Skilled nursing facility care is offered.
  • Allows for hospice care in a Medicare certified facility
  • On some plans it will eliminate excess charges.
  • Offers enhanced preventive care to keep you healthy.
  • Pays for your share for durable medical equipment and diabetic supplies.

What these plans do is help remove some of the worries you may have over medical costs which Medicare will not cover. Aetna Medicare supplements work with Medicare Part B which covers 80% of your medical outpatient costs and most of the Aetna Medicare supplements will cover the remainder. Some supplement plans will cover both inpatient and outpatient deductibles.

Aetna; covering over 43 million insurance members throughout the nation as one of the national leaders in health, group, dental, and disability insurance along with Medicare insurance.

Aetna Medigap insurance plans many of the states and may be sold under a subsidiary company as with American Continental or Continental Life insurance which are the same family of companies.

These are common features found in all Aetna Medicare Supplements

Aetna Medicare Supplement plan features which apply to all policies include the following:

  • Rate lock for 12 months, no rate increases for the 1st
  • 30 day, Free Look Period, so you can cancel for any reason during the first 30 days with a full refund.
  • Freedom of Choice, you can see any healthcare providers provided they accept Medicare.
  • Take your coverage with you, policies will work anywhere in the US.
  • Household discounts in some areas, reduction in premiums when 2 people live in the household.
  • Policy is guaranteed renewable, will not be canceled for health conditions.

Next: Decide which of the Medigap plan letters is the best fit for your specific healthcare needs.

Remember: To be eligible for any of the Aetna Medicare Supplement plans, you need to be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Plan F – Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan

Aetna Medicare Supplements plans are standardized like all the other plans, so you can be assured when you purchase an Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan; it will offer the same benefits as any Plan F.

Your Plan F policy will work with your Medicare Part A & Medicare Part B covering deductibles for both Part A & B, and additionally cover all coinsurance for your Medicare-covered medical services.

When you have Plan F, it allows you to see any doctor that currently participates in Medicare. You can be assured the with your Aetna Medicare supplement in place, it takes care of the costs Medicare leaves off.

Plan F; commonly called first dollar coverage. This means the Aetna Plan F supplement pays for your share of the Medicare costs from the very first dollar. So there is no copay for doctor visits using your Medicare covered services. This also covers hospital stays, durable medical equipment, surgeries, x-rays, lab work and other items.

Basically, if it’s covered by Medicare, you will have 100% coverages using both Original Medicare and Aetna Medicare Supplemental coverage.

Plan G – Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan

One of the most popular plans is Plan G which offers lower premiums in return; you pay the one time deductible each year for Plan B. Plan G policies often have lower rate increase compared to Plan F.

Plan G for Aetna Medicare Supplement policies covers all the gaps found in Medicare except for your Medicare Part B deductible.

Plan G will also be around beyond the year 2020 while Plan F is being phased out by Medicare in 2020. Many people choose Plan G because of it’s continued future coverage as opposed to Plan F.  Plan G is as close as you can get to a first dollar health coverage plan past the year 2020.

Part D – Aetna Medicare Supplement

Aetna Medicare Supplements does offer Medicare Part D plans in many different areas, note that it’s never a good idea to choose a Part D plan because of a name brand. Each of the plans will have a different formulary, copays, and monthly premiums for the various medicines.

You should be aware that companies offering the best Medicare supplement will not necessarily be the same company offering the best Part D plan which is separate from your supplement plan. You want to choose a drug plan that fits your needs offering the lowest cost for the prescriptions you need.

Since Aetna Medicare supplements will let you see “any doctor in the nation who participates in Medicare;” you do not need to ask the doctor if they take Aetna when enrolled in an Aetna Medigap plan which makes it one of the most popular features of any Medigap plans. All you do is ask if the provider accepts Medicare, that’s it.

However, it’s a different experience when using an Aetna Medicare Advantage plan.

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