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Medicare benefits may start including Uber and Lyft services

More supplemental benefits will be included in Medicare Advantage plans by insurers as allowed by the new rules. The doors may be opened to millions of rides sharing trips.  This would be using Lyft or Uber for appointments to doctors, clinics, or pharmacies available to millions of elderly Americans.

To improve quality of life; the benefits of ride sharing companies are being talked about amongst the health insurers as possibilities. This has only been since (CMS) Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services decided to reinterpret the standards to health-related supplemental benefits which can increase the health within the Medicare Advantage program.

The CMS definitions of “Primary Health Related” are also being broadened with the Medicare Advantage program. Supplemental benefits which may compensate for any physical impairments, diminish health conditions, diminish the impact of injuries, reduce any avoidable emergency room utilization will be allowed under the new definition.

The new definitions make services more flexible. It will make it possible for plans used for Medicare Advantage to be tailored a within a broader scope of services to better assist patients. Adding these services could include transportation to medical appoints.

Federal government contracts for Medicare Advantage plans to provide seniors services and benefits. Services like disease management or nurse help hotlines, wellness programs, dental or vision care.

Having the ability to integrate ride sharing services into Medicare Advantage plan bids may be a boon for Lyft and Uber during a time working with health insurers is already successful.

Expanding a partnership with a ride hailing company called Lyft; Blue Cross and Blue shield plans to provide ways that enrollees without adequate transportation can get to neighborhood Walgreens Boots alliance as well as CVS Health pharmacies. This build on an effort announced last year by Blue Cross Blue Shield Associations had announced. Lyft was to provide transportation at no cost to doctor’s offices to help improve compliances with healthcare appointments.