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Documents Needed to Apply for Medicare

What documents do I need to apply for Medicare?

When you are applying for Medicare and filing your application; there are specific documents that will need to be submitted with the Medicare Application. Documents you provide are necessary to help determine a person’s citizenship status. Other documents needed for age, past employments, were you in the military? If so military status. Always provide original documents with the Medicare application unless the request states otherwise. Different document may be needed depending on your circumstances. Your Medicare eligibility is determined after you have completed all the documents and submitted them for file processing.

What Documents need to be Presented with My Medicare Application?

You will need to provide these documents as they will be requested by your Medicare administrator.

  • Birth Certificate – original copy
  • SSC – Social Security Card
  • Military Discharge Documents
  • W-2 Forms

All documents that are requested may not apply to your unique situation. If so simply place “Non-Applicable” when a specified request for the documentation is made on the application.
Many aspects of each person’s application must be verified by the Medicare office prior to being processed. This must all be done before any decision can be made regarding your Medicare application.

Will there be additional information required by Medicare?

The application asks for social security number, marital status, your place of birth, what wages you have earned, any alias names you might have as well as the names of your unmarried children under the age of 18. The will as if you have a criminal record. So, you will want to be prepared if the Medicare administrator requests you provide additional information to clarify the documents you have provided.